Eating out during the apocalypse

I took the girls out for a ride, promising them a visit to Mighty O doughnuts, a change from Top Pot, where they usually go. Last time we went to Mighty O we arrived half an hour late, as it shut at 2pm, but I’d checked on the Internet and today it was open til 5.
We got there, I unloaded the girls outside, masked up, and then tried the door. It was locked. Eventually somebody inside, dealing with a tray of doughnuts, gestured at me, but I had no idea what the waving of a hand meant. There was a placard on the door saying they did delivery, but it also said they were open as long as you observed health guidance like wearing a mask. But there wasn’t any way for me to get in, so we rode off, La Serpiente disappointed as she wanted something new, Destroyer more of a brand loyalist.

Something about Mighty O has rubbed me up the wrong way when I’ve visited in the past, but I couldn’t say what. I guess they have good reasons for this, or I’m just not very good at opening doors, but when you travel fifty yards down the road to find a huge sign saying Mighty O is open, it can be a bit aggravating. Anyway, Top Pot was fine, like usual.

While we were down that way, I saw Tom Douglas’ pizza kitchen was open, so the three of us had an impromptu lunch, our table the cargo rack on my bike. Sadly the girls don’t like the Tom Douglas pizza so much (again, loyalty to another brand, in this case Delancey) but they are a bit before we recommenced our ride. In all, La Serpiente rode just shy of 8 miles today, which was probably enough. I still need to adjust her brakes, put her seat up higher and help her change gear, but we’re getting there.

The rest of the day, a bit of a blur. The kids had dinner, I took beer to our neighbours, I played four games of Blood Bowl (two wins, a loss and a hard fought draw) and then to bed, ready for tomorrow’s excursion.

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  1. Hmmm. When I was in our local cafe, a guy came in who was a friend of my friend. He chatted a bit about his venture, a doughnut cafe in Brighton, which seemed to have fantastic reviews on Tripadvisor (if you ignore the ones who said it seemed cliquey and they didn’t like the big dog in it.) So a couple of times I detoured slightly when I was near it and both times it had closed early (3pm?) Anyway, next time I saw my friend and asked her about it, she said she thought he was having some problems with gangsters and was shutting up early to avoid being there at potentially quiet times when they might come and get him.
    Maybe you’re better off with Top Pot=no gangsters.

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