Efficient, drunken finish

After work tonight I was meant to pick up a framed picture, but I was inveigled into after work drinks, and that was probably a good thing, because about 6 the rain came in.
Rainy season is usually a bit later in Singapore, but it was torrential tonight, and so rather than trying to negotiate the public transport system with a large and expensive rectangle of wood and glass and not get it wet, I drank a sloe gin, a shot of sake and two glasses of Reisling. Does that count as damage control?

This was a bit too much booze on a Wednesday, and as I careened back to the nus stop, alcohol sloshing inside me, my body rebelled. I had great pains in my abdomen, as though the kidney stones were back, and although a quick detour to a toilet in the MRT station alleviated this, I was still feeling cautious as I scuttled off to the bus stop.

Anyway, no recurrence, which just means I think we can assess my drinking capacity as two glasses of wine and a couple of shots, which doesn’t feel that impressive. Lucky I don’t try to drink five pints of beer in a sitting any more.

I got home, put the girls to bed. Destroyer got very upset about not having the right bottle, howled for a bit… and then I woke up and they were both asleep. Alcohol can make life so efficient sometimes. I left the room, had a game of Blood Bowl where I eked out a draw on the very last turn of the game (or rather, my opponent failed to win 2-1) and then to bed.

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