Egging it

The kids woke up super excited this morning. Somehow Easter Sunday was as big a deal to them as Christmas Day. Perhaps more so, because random neighbours also brought them eggs to find in the front yard.

My wife had got all sorts of egg / unicorn / rainbow related paraphernalia which we gave them, and then we had twenty plastic eggs distributed in the back garden for them to find.

They were so excited by this that in the afternoon they gave me the eggs back and demanded I hide them again, and so I got to see them capering with unalloyed joy twice in one day.

I took the girls out for a ride; after last week’s long ride, I only managed to get La Serpiente to do about 9 miles, with very few snacks. She went up and down some very big hills, and almost twice round Green Lake.

We rode back, I sat in the back garden and read a book, and then made myself go out for a training run. That was another 5 miles, and so now I’m a shambling wreck, struggling to walk down stairs. Who says exercise is bad for you?

The kids went to sleep fast. I went to sleep fast too, and then woke up about half past eight. So that was relaxing…

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