Eighth birthday

The girls woke me up at 5:30, but I somehow persuaded them to let me stay in bed until 7. Then the hunt for La Serpiente’s presents began; a few, like the mysterious yellow door, she struggled to find, but she seemed elated with all of them.

After taking her to buy a breakfast biscuit, we had a father daughter bonding experience over rollerblades. Or rather, I took her to the basketball court in the park opposite the AirBnb, and tried to ensure she didn’t smash her face in. Thus far, success!

Destroyer had a hard time of it, breaking down in tears three times today because she didn’t have any presents, and occasionally growling at us, although she seems to understand this is unacceptable, so then we get grudging apologies a bit later on, which are kind of endearing.

And then the evening, when the girls got to distribute birthday cake to our neighbt, and then fall asleep while I struggle to keep my own eyes open.

The construction work continues. All the forms for the concrete are in place now and the rebar has been installed, ready for the concrete to be poured on Tuesday. Then the house is lowered, the framing begins and things start to get back to normal. We have a big call with our contractor tomorrow to go through things.

It’s also insanely hot right now. I can hardly believe that we had to turn the heating on a couple of weeks ago. Now the AirBnb is a hot box, and it’s forecast to be hitting 40° this weekend. Don’t go outside, don’t move, don’t muck about with anything please …

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