Elevated sense of importance

I let Frogmorton onto the balcony today, and he stood up against the railing, stretching himself to his full height, while I watched how cute he could be.

And then he hopped up onto the top of the railing, onto the roof and then headed out, gingerishly, on the roof going along the north side of the house, heading to escape.

What had driven this adventurousness? I couldn’t say, but I called my wife to help me retrieve the cat. As he approached the window to the girls’ bedroom, I opened it, hoping to entice him back in, but instead he got scared and fled back the way he came.

So, Froggy may not be getting more roof time for a while with these shenanigans. We’ve ordered a harness so we can take the little guy for a walk, with less chance of scampering off…

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