Emotionally affecting art

Tonight I read a book, The Lager Queen of Minnesota, and watched two episodes of The Boys. The first if these was an uplifting, if weepy book about generations of a family in the Mid West who all end up making beer, but don’t talk to each other for decades, and it was glorious yet very sad at the same time.

The Boys is yet another gritty ‘realiatic’ treatment of superheroes where everyone is horrible and you can tell it’s edgy because people swear a lot. It’s funny and disgusting at the same time, but I don’t think a man driving a speedboat through a whale is as emotionally helpful as reading a book about brewers.

I had the girls today, so I took them to the post office to mail some dice to the UK, to the bookshop to buy more books (there’s a new volume of Dogman, which I didn’t buy (saving that for a Christmas present)) and the toyshop.

Then we went home and they watched the Muppets movie (from the last decade, with Amy Adams and Jason Segal) and both kids were reduced to tears. I don’t ever remember being that fond of the Muppets as a kid. Was that a character failing? I like them more now.

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