Empty headed Friday night

This evening, brains shattered by the day, we watched a MotoGP race from two weeks ago, and then crawled away to bed. I made myself vaguely useful, attaching a new bell to La Serpiente’s scooter, but otherwise was at a loss to do anything. I blame this on having a conference call at 8am and then drinking too much coffee afterwards, or possibly taking the call while standing next to a leaf blower and not remembering to mute myself, or maybe just because I had salad for lunch rather than an exciting meal. Perhaps I need to run some a-b testing on the alternatives.

Tomorrow is Saturday, which means parkrun, which means (if La Serpiente is up on time) that we go for another run together. I’ve begun to plan my marathon training, but that only starts the week of Christmas, so there’s plenty of time for shenanigans before then. Or for me to get strong, pushing my child around in a stroller.

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  1. Just remember who the king of MotoGP was – Barry Sheene, no less! Strollers are for light-weights, I waltz my spawn around town in a Bjorn baby carrier. Try doing that with a chubby 8-month-old, with a bottle of wine and several beers in a backpack. Way more exhausting than doing a marathon. Xmas indeed ..

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