End of the pier show

The air smelt of fire again today the smoke blowing up from California. Up here it’s sunny and hot, but down in San Francisco the skies are a dark and gloomy red, the smoke particles filtering the light from the sun to make it look like the end of days. I’d really like the world to carry on a bit longer, please.
We spent much of the day trying to get our girls online. Usernames are comprised of your initials and last name, which would be simple if they hadn’t somehow decided that Destroyer has the same middle names as me, and now has an email address that will stay with her throughout the Seattle school system, and not be related to her actual name. Well, that’s another way to be special, I suppose.

I did some more pull ups and watched a film called Muscle Nerds, about bodybuilders who dress up as comic book characters and preen in front of other people at a convention. Which is a bit different. The kids sleep, I read a book where not very much happens, and now we sleep. I hope tomorrow there’s less fire in the world.

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