End of the weak

After having a fairly big swim last night (14 lengths of the pool) I woke up very tired. La Serpiente had stolen the duvet from me so I woke up cold, and then because i didn’t have time to shower and get her to school, so I stuck her on the back of the bike, dropped her at school, rode to work and then did what I could to stop my hair sticking straight up in the air.
I’m really quite pleased at how much I’ve ridden my bike recently: from the point I looked a few weeks ago and saw I was approaching a hundred miles, my odometer today went past 160. Even though it rained on the way home today, so that was nice.

I got home, played a very aggravating game of Blood Bowl (lost 4-0 but smashed up lots of the opposition), put the girls to bed, then keeled over and sat on the sofa, drinking cider. It’s been a week.

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