End of the weak

This has been a hard week for me, getting to grips with jet lag, going cross eyed with fatigue and generally feeling a bit washed out. So today, when I’d run out of things to achieve at the office, I slunk off to Boulder Movement for a quick session.
I’d also been perturbed that since I got back from the US, I’ve struggled with the harder climbs. Or they’d made them harder while I was away. Today, though, I felt quite strong and managed to pull myself up a few problems, while not being quite so brutish. There might have been times where it was a lot of work for my arms and shoulders, but at least I was keeping my feet on the wall and not dangling in mid air by my fingertips.

After a bit of guidance, I even managed a nasty problem I would otherwise have given up on, lots of balancing against the wall and then having to work my feet to get into a secure position. Realising that you can generate force through body compression has really helped with that, even if I kept falling off just as I topped out. I think it only took 5 goes in the end to send that problem.

And then home, where the kids were a little bit crazy and my wife was going out dancing, so I put the girls down, ate some toast, and somehow scraped a draw playing at Fumbbl. So all in all, a nice way to end the week.

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