End of the week and meat

I was intending to buy new climbing shoes, as the toe on one of my shoes has worn through completely and the other is on the verge of coming apart, but a replacement pair of my current shoes would be $200. There’s a highly regarded climbing shoe repair shop over in Fremont that will fix my shoes for $70, and I won’t need to worry about breaking them in, so that was my morning errand.
I spent the rest of the day either coding, or thinking about coding, and then had a massive headache at 4:30, which suggested it was time to stop work.

As I didn’t eat any meat last month, in March I get two lots of meat. The first was today: pork sausages from Trader Joe’s, with mashed potato and onion gravy: eating that for dinner made me feel like a snake. Afterwards, I sat on the sofa, practically comatose, while the girls watched a Teen Titans movie on HBO Max, and then I put them to bed and my wife and I watched a comedy about pirates, Our Flag Is Death, which is not bad, but I felt a little slow to start.

Then, with the evening ending, I spent an hour updating the website for my Blood Bowl tournaments, and should really have spent a bit of time on promoting it. But I have the site almost ready now – just a matter of directing people to it…

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