End of the week lassitude

Today I went to the bank to sort out a loan for the house renovation. I had done a bit of research, and that involved somebody in New York calling me with an offered rate that was about 1.5% above the prime rate (and apparently around 5%) whereas the rate I got today was under 4%. Perhaps this is meant to prove a stereotype about New York chancers and trustworthy Pacific Northwesterners. Anyway, we hear back shortly on this, which should then allow us to start the renovation in earnest.
I told the children some more of the story about the pigs (stuck inside a Cheese Cake Factory, not to be mistaken for a Cheesecake Factory restaurant). My father’s cunning tactic was always to leave a cliffhanger for the next night, but doing this with La Serpiente and Destroyer provokes them to such heights of rage that they then refuse to sleep, which is counterproductive for a bedtime story. What to do?

I played on the Oculus some more. This meant showing the kids puffins and marmots while jumping from cliff to cliff. A good way to spend the end of the day.

Oh, and I only did ten pull ups today. Guess I have to do thirty tomorrow to catch up…

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  1. Cliff hangers are all very well when the author lives a plane ride away. Clearly not as easy when the author is making it up on the hoof ( or should I say “trotter” )

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