End of the week show

Today I went climbing and finally managed a tough problem on the 40° wall – a lot of oomph and having to heel hook while doing my best not to fall off. Afterwards, my forearms were basically useless. Still, all those pull ups are having some beneficial effect – I may not be able to yank myself up the wall, but if halfway through a problem I lose my footing, I’ve enough strength to hold myself in place until I can get my feet back on a foothold. So there’s that.
It was the first anniversary of the climbing wall today, so after work I went back and climbed some more, and had some cake, and then my wife turned up and climbed for a bit, and I drank beer, and then we went up to HRVST for cocktails. And thence home, to sit on the sofa incapable of speech due to our exhaustion.

This weekend I don’t have much to do, so hopefully I can recover from the week, and tonight, and from this morning (I couldn’t sleep until 3am,for no good reason at all, and then felt dreadful all day. At least the kids were well behaved.)

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