End of the week too early

Today was another day of speaking engagements and running around. For a second consecutive day I’ve walked more than 15,000 steps, but at least today I didn’t feel as soul-crushingly tired as yesterday.

I walked the girls to school today like normal, and once again Destroyer was livid that she couldn’t bring all her soft toys with her, and then later, dawdling as we walked along and close to tears, I had to pick her up to console her. It took several minutes of listening as she tried to get the words out, but eventually she told me that a boy at school had said he didn’t like her hair. Such are the causes of woe in my life.

After a hug and seeing some more dogs, she perked up a bit and was OK when I dropped her off at school – I then rushed home, changed and went to the office.

I had a call this evening at 9,but for some reason I thought today was yesterday and missed the call completely. Probably a sign that I’m a bit confused and need a rest from this week. Ah well…

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  1. Aw, it was nice she was able to tell you about the boy not liking her hair.
    Why is it that we waste so much of our youth worrying about what other people think of us?

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