End of the week

This morning, we got up bright and early(ish) which meant by 11 we’d got out on a short (one mile) hike to the Steelhead Waterfalls, a short way down a valley north of Bend. The waterfall itself was pretty small, but with a beautiful rainbow haze above it as the sun shone down. The girls played around on some volcanic rock for a while, and then we drove up the road to a lookout, where I developed vertigo just looking at the bridges over a gorge. And then, lunch.
After that, we had a few hours in a park where the girls played around a giant plastic ship and then climbed a tree, before I took them back to the chalet and then got the car charged, in preparation for our journey home tomorrow.

We ate dinner at another brewery, the kids went crazy, we gave them melatonin, they fell asleep, and that was pretty much that.

It’s been an odd visit to Oregon. If I’d known that we’d be constrained so much by the snow I might have made other arrangements, but it’s been entertaining. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the house has progressed in the week since we’ve been away. I hope it’s progressed.

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  1. Sometimes it’s good when “the plan” is “no plan at all”. Unplanned and time for spontaneity.

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