End of the weekend show

I used the sauna today, sitting in there for about fifteen minutes on a cold, rainy night, gradually getting cooked. Hopefully that does something for aching legs after the long long walks of the last few days.
We watched Kindergarten Cop with the girls. I really don’t think it’s as suitable as I’d thought, just in terms of language (quite a few shits and sonofabitches in there) but also because both children were reduced to wailing wrecks near the end. At least Arnie killed the bad guy and got a new career as a teacher. They’re never going to cope with the end of Terminator Ii.

We have two days left in this house, then we need to find somewhere else, because although the wiring is looking very neat, we still don’t have any heating and it’s beginning to get a trifle colder in the PNW. Still, hoping to rely on the kindness of strangers for a few days.

Next project: sort out a car…

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