End of the year

We had a quiet end to the year; the girls were down by 8, after I’d read to Destroyer the lovely story my father wrote for them (they’re getting it again tomorrow as La Serpiente missed it).
I have a very early start tomorrow, in order to catch a ride to Portland for a Blood Bowl tournament, so I’m not thrilled to be staying up late and looking at fireworks for a few minutes as the calendar flips over to another number.

It’s been … a year. With moving countless times, stressing over the renovation, worrying about my detachable neck, getting wisdom teeth removed, the girls going back to school, working in my closet, not leaving the country, having a potentially exploding car (and a car that went backwards when it should go forward) and I’m sure there’s more than that which I’ve forgotten.

So, resolutions for next year can wait until the 2nd. And I should be in bed. See you all on the other side…

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