End of the year show

We finished the day in style, or at least we drank lots of cava, making up some French 75s (gin, cava, a bit of lemon juice and syrup), and I listened to the fireworks for a bit.

Earlier today, I finished off the cake I baked yesterday by covering it in chocolate ganache, and then distributing it amongst our neighbours, because we can’t really eat an entire chocolate cake on our own. We tried, but we just couldn’t.

I did some more pull ups (a total of 701 this year) but I failed to check my resoly, so that’s a task for tomorrow. Apart from that, and washing up some ice packs for the homeless putty, I didn’t do very much, at least until I’d got the kids to bed, when I then nipped over to Bellevue and bought some more toy soldiers for a Blood Bowl project.

We did visit Ballard for a walk with the girls. Destroyer tripped over her sister and got a bloody nose on the pavement, I then had to carry her for a while as she understandably wept. Little else of note. So much for 2020. Let’s hope 2021 makes more sense.

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