Enhanced daughter

Today was La Serpiente’s first parent teacher meeting. The school gyjnteacher offered to teach kids to ride bicycles while their parents are inside, and she was stoked about this, so we dropped her off in the gymnasium and went to see her teacher.
We’ve always hoped for a good report, but we were pretty ecstatic as our teacher waxed lyrical about La Serpiente’s reading and numerical skills, her care and attention and receptivity, and her social skills. All in all, apart from her constant desire to lead, everything was just great, and as long as we can persuade her she doesn’t need to be in charge of everything, that’s solved too. Or she’ll take over the world, and I’m fine with that.

We went back to the gym, to see La Serpiente confidently riding around after half an hour of tutelage. She went outside, rode around the playground and came back, overjoyed with her new skills. So we’ve upgraded our daughter, which is a pretty special feeling. I went into work with a spring in my step and happily whistling, and stayed cheery all day until it was time to go home.

Of course, the kids were bananas by then but as our teacher had pointed out, we see them when they’re groggy from sleep or exhausted from school – their teachers see all the good stuff in between.

And thus to bed. Still need to teach her to play Blood Bowl though.

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