Today I finally put some lights up on the front of our house. That required buying a 50′ extension cable to run from the power outlet at the back of our house, round to the front porch, and then standing on a ladder and wrapping strings of lights around.

Having gone a bit overboard on lights, I looked for more ways to string them, at one point setting up a garotte across the path to the front door, so the mailman and anyone else getting close to us would be trapped in a web of light, before realising this was a terrible idea and pulling half the lights down.

I also bought a big box of baubles and planned to use them to decorate the tree outside our house. In the UK, baubles come with string attached, bit apparently the giant factory in China supplying Fred Meyer didn’t get this in their specs, so I spent an hour cutting and tying twine so I could fix the baubles to the tree. Being an idiot I did half of this on the front porch in 6° weather, before remembering that scissors work just as well inside the house as out. Still, things look a bit prettier now, although I feel like we still need a lot more lights before things look finished. It certainly brightens up the place though.

We also took the girls to see Santa today. Because of covid, instead of sitting on his knee in a grotto, Santa is in a plastic dome and you can stand outside and look at him. Better than nothing, I guess.

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