Entertaining the kids

We drove up to the Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett today. This is a warehouse space that is filled with different themed rooms for the kids (a theatre, an airplane, a barber’s shop) and an overpowering smell of bleach. I guess that means it was clean. The girls were super enthralled by the opportunity to load cargo, charge people for imaginary theatre tickets, and pretend to cut my hair.
After about two hours, it was time to take them home again, via an alarmingly hipster coffee shop where they played LPs of 90s prog metal. They had a honour bar for water, I think, which I only realised after drinking all their eater and not psying for it, but what can you speak of honour when you charge $3.50 for a cup of slightly warmed milk?

Everett is a strange town. Up by the children’s museum it feels worryingly rough and there’s nothing else around. Two streets away there’s the Funko Pop bobble head HQ, which I wanted to waste time at, but the kids were suffering the heebi jeebies and so it was better to take them home.

Anyway, we drove home, bought the kids peanut butter, and put them to bed. They were very well behaved today, apart from an absolute meltdown from La Serpiente when we wouldn’t let her sit on the sofa and play her melodica as loud as she could. Oh, the joys of screaming kids. At least Destroyer isn’t in an utter rage (she has been, for what feels like three years, so it would NE nice to have her not stamp her foot like Rumpelstiltskin every once in a while).

And then this evening I got to go climbing. It’s been a long time and it felt pretty hard, even if I have been doing all those pull ups…

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