Essential chores

I made a semi-concerted effort at clearing out my Gmail inbox today, by deleting the first fifty messages in there that I’d didn’t want, filtering for everything by the same senders and deleting that too, and unsubscribing from all of those lists. It barely made a dent; I still have 1,200 priority emails to read, which suggests Google’s concept of priority may be different to mine, and left me thinking it was a wasted effort. Then again, I hardly ever look at my Gmail any more because it’s so full of stuff I should have unsubscribed from. Perhaps a more diligent pruning over the next week will mean it becomes more useful and I can stop ignoring it.
I was in better mental shape today than on my return to work, although I didn’t manage to get to the end of the day without spacing out once or twice. Plus, with a never ending stream of deliveries there now isn’t space for me to do my chin ups, so my bold plan to get stronger this month is somewhat in tatters. I went through my wardrobe and expunged a dozen t-shirts I’ll never wear again, discovered a pair of trousers I’d totally forgotten I’d purchased, and a whole bunch of warm sweaters. So I don’t think I need any new clothes for a couple of years.

Then, having stuffed all my summer clothes into a suitcase and put it on top of the wardrobe, I could pronounce my tidying done for today. Tomorrow: more emails or more clothes?

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