Evening Blood Bowl

This evening I read the girls a quick story then hightailed it to Lynnwood to play a game of Blood Bowl, testing out a new roster: a giant rat, some smaller rats, goblins, spotting, and a chef cooking delicious food to distract the opposition.
This worked surprisingly well; my opponent had no rerolls in the first half, which meant things went wrong reliably, and by the sixth turn I’d stolen the ball away from him and scored. However, my fragile team was battered and broken; I had seven players injured, banned or knocked out in the first half, and they kept being pummeled in the second.

But, all I needed with the speed I had was to wait for another thing to go wrong, and then I sprinted off for a second touchdown, stopping only to get stomped once on the way. We were done in less than an hour, which is probably a record, even for my speedy play style.

And home to bed, or rather to take a late night call with Singapore first, before going to bed to discover a kid with an ear ache in it. This could be a long night…

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