Everyone is sick

The kids were sick last night and spent most of it coughing. I had to cuddle La Serpiente to get her to sleep and I didn’t get to rest myself until 1 am. La Serpiente woke up feeling fine at 5:55 (or "2.22" if you’re my daughter struggling to interpret the digital clock on the oven) and roused me and Destroyer (who had been keeping my wife awake half thr night). So the three of us went to the cafe and bought my wife a coffee.
I’ve been feeling horrendously bloated for the last few weeks, and it’s possible this is something to do with eating pizza and scrambled eggs at every single opportunity. So today I decided I would attempt a week without animal-based food.

So I had a double espresso instead of a bucket-sized latte, and when I got to the office I had a breakfast of porridge and fruit, not eggs. Well, it was almost vegan, but I couldn’t resist the lure of vegetarian breakfast sausages (made with egg white). And then at lunch there was roast halloumi (which stopped me eating pizza, but was still cheese) and then I made the mistake of eating a bowl of chilli (and beans, too, leave me bloated and noxious) so this evening I scuttled home feeling sorry for myself.

But by then, my wife had come down with the same fever the girls had had, and although I got everyone to bed quickly, I had little time to do fun things like file credit card statements and study balance sheet accounting. Which was… Nice, I guess?

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