Everything that’s fit to print

After a few failed or cracking 3d prints, I was starting to freak out, but today’s print (well, several hours of printing from yesterday into this morning) delivered a perfect print that I washed in alcohol and then left to dry for the day, before zapping it with UV this evening to cure it.

Hopefully (if it doesn’t mysteriously explode in the night) we’re good – there was no internal sloshing of liquid to be heard, so I think it drained properly.

My wife went to the shops today, walking down 15 blocks to get there, and doing a full shop, which I assume means she’s feeling healthy again after her tribulations. She was sparko by 930 this evening though, so I guess she should be a bit more careful with exertion for a while.

As a treat, she gets to sleep in the basement for a second consecutive night, while Froggy messes with my head in the bedroom. As I told our carpenter, I should be glad he didn’t wake me up at 3am today. Because I was up from him mucking about at 1am.

At least our balcony is close to completion….

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