Yesterday I decided that I’d start doing some more regular Pilates exercises to keep some modicum of fitness in the weeks ahead, while I’m distracted by the arrival of a new child and the ongoing maintenance of the existing one. I’ve got a book of Pilates matwork exercises that I bought in the bookshop in the bottom of Taipei 101 many years ago, and finally this gave me the impetus to get it out and start applying it. There are 14 different basic exercises, so every day I’m trying to do four of them.

Of course I woke up late and exhausted and didn’t do anything this morning apart from stumbling around the flat with my eyes almost completely shut, and it wasn’t until I ate 150 grams of cashew nuts (got to get that protein) that I felt awake enough to do anything. At which point it was time for us all to nap.

I woke about three and started to do my exercises, which was the cue for La Serpiente Aquatica Negra to wake up. And then for her to come in the room, find her father lying on the floor, and start crawling all over me.

There’s nothing as good for developing core strength as trying to do Pilates exercises while a 13 kilogram toddler clambers up your back and laughs at you.

The rest of today was something of a blur. At some point I’m sure we had coffee, and we certainly have slightly more groceries than we did 24 hours ago, but that all seems to have happened while I was in a fugue of some kind. That, or I’ve been hypnotized.

This evening we put the child to bed and went to the cinema. We saw Mad Max, which was very, very loud, but failed to coax out baby number 2. So much for instilling an early love of cinema.

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