Fake McDonald’s

La Serpiente had heard about Lopez Island from a classmate, so we drove up there. We hadn’t realised until we got close that you had to make a reservation for the ferry, and calling it as we approached, we found we had a two hour wait. So instead we parked in Anacortes and spent time in bookshops, until we could take the ferry to Lopez Island.
The ferry ride is a lot longer than I’d expected, and so we got to our destination about three hours before the return ferry. While Lopez Island is picturesque, we spent most of our time in a bookshop, a coffee shop and a fudge shop, and then had to head back, as the sky began to darken.

Then we had a two hour sprint back home, pausing only for a fairly dreadful meal at McDonald’s. This had an aura of uncanniness about it; I don’t think I’ve been to a McDonald’s in the US before (or not in at least twenty years) and so it feel familiar, but slightly wrong, because it wasn’t the same as a British or a Singaporean McDonald’s. Which is doubly weird – I suppose it would be like going to a pub in Dublin and complaining it wasn’t like an Irish themed pub in Croydon.

So we got home, put the kids to bed and then had a drunken call with friends in Seattle where we had the closest we can get to communal eating that we can at the moment, and then played Amongst Us for an hour or two. Probably not so good with several bottles of cider inside you.

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