Family Blubbo Time

This afternoon I was heading down to play in the final of our Blood Bowl league, and La Serpiente volunteered to come with me. I told her there would be a lot of sitting around, but she was fine with that. So first we went to my regular Sunday homeless outreach, and after I’d distributed all the snacks and water I had, we drove for an hour to Lacey, stopping only for coffee and snacks.
The game (a hard-fought 2-0 victory that could easily have been a 2-1 loss) took us almost three hours to play, and for most of that La Serpiente was exemplary, watching the match and not complaining. Toward the end, with a first half played in almost two hours, she was making noises that she was getting bored, but with her occasional responsibility for rolling the dice, and the promise of McDonald’s afterwards, we made it through.

It was an odd game: electing to play defence first, I sacked the ball carrier and took an early lead, but then had to defend for most of a half and had players leaving the field left and right. I narrowly prevented an equaliser before halftime, and then, knowing my terrible record on offence, I was scared I’d be giving up the ball too easily. But with the referee subtracting time from the second half, and managing to run the ball sideways across the pitch and also managing to remove a few threats from the pitch like a rampaging werewolf, we took home the win.

Then it was just the long drive back, via a friend’s place to see his cats/pick up some paint and home to put La Serpiente to bed at nine. Eight hours of just the two of us: that was pretty good. Now if I can persuade her to play, too…

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