Farewell to arms

At lunchtime today, I left the girls behind and went climbing, for an exhausting hour where I ground the skin off my right forearm, opened a wound on my elbow, reopened another graze on my right shin, and topped out at only 15 pull ups. So that was rather tiring, and afterwards my arms and hands were very sore.
I took over child duties after that and persuaded the girls to run around in circles for an hour, after which they were exhausted and I took them home, then dropped them off with our friends who were babysitting them tonight, while we had my farewell party.

I fly out of Singapore tomorrow, so tonight I had the slightly unwise scheme to try to drink all the gin we have open in the house, in the company of a few close friends. I also danced like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike, got punched on the nose and bitten on the forehead, and ate some crisps, so ti was in many ways the perfect night out.

The only flaw I can see in this is that I’ve not done any packing yet, and I have extensive amounts of that to do tomorrow. Still, 18 hours left to do that….

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