Fast Sunday

We all did the groceries as a family today. Or rather, we walked up to a fried chicken joint on Phinney Ridge and the girls had junk food, then we walked to the bookshop, got the second Ham Helsing book, and then I parked the girls at the gelato shop while my wife went to the supermarket and picked out produce.
Then we all yomped back home and unpacked the enormous backpack, and then I spent the afternoon working on the website for my Blood Bowl tournament in October. And tidying my desk so I can concentrate better tomorrow. Priorities!

Our next door neighbours just got back from a month away, so we went over to see them this afternoon with a bottle of wine. A cuba libre each and some fine food later, we brought the kids home, put them to bed and they were asleep in a trice. This not driving at all has some benefits, at least.

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