Father’s Day 2019

Another sunny day today, and La Serpiente woke up at five am. I played Hamster Clan with her and then fell asleep in Destroyer’s bed, waking up at nine to be presented with coffee.

As it was Father’s Day we went out to brunch, down by the marina at Lesces on Lake Washington. We met an ex colleague of mine from Expedia who I hadn’t seen for five years, and I had the Father’s Day brunch special – steak and eggs. I guess that was July’s meat of the month.

After that, the kids ran around in the park for a while, then we went to Seattle Bouldering Project. Both girls were worn out in about half an hour, and so we took them home and tried to entertain them for a while longer.

I took Destroyer to our local cafe and gave her a slice of cake that was probably much too big. We’ll, that’s one reason why she failed to make progress with her dinner.

Both girls were sparked out cold by 6pm, so I went climbing again, until my hands were shredded up enough that I should stop. And, apart from the kids waking up with coughs and runny noses and painful ears, was a lovely father’s day.

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