Father’s Day 2021

I woke up just before nine today, and then had to pretend to still be asleep so the girls could come in and wake me up.

I got a good haul of stuff for being alive and having a y-chromosome: two cards (one with a picture of a cactus that Destroyer had made, and another with four octopuses that La Serpiente was using to represent our family), a new badge for my hat, a tube of caramels, and two books. One of these was for me to read the girls (as Captain Underpants isn’t high on my reading list) showing that my girls are learning about how to buy people the presents that you want. Bless ’em.

We had pancakes, and then a massive tantrum from Destroyer about brushing her teeth, and then I went out to get coffee, the kids helped with a bit of shopping, and my wife and I planned out our August camping trip.

Then I drove down to the south of Seattle to help out with the homeless people we see down there, and after two hours in the blazing sun, drove back again, stopping for more coffee and then rematerialising at home to play a game of Blood Bowl (which I lost, a trifle unfairly as I had only five players in the second half vs his ten, and managed to hold him up for almost the entire game). That brings my total games this year to 96, with 50 losses, or if you include games on tabletop as well then it’s 101 with 52 losses, which is still a better percentage than last year. Make of that what you will …

It was the summer solstice today, so we went back to our house to sit next to our neighbours with a firepit, and cooked hot dogs and marshmallows (sequentially, not simultaneously) until 9:30, which was a bit late for the kids to stay up. No school for them tomorrow, but I do have to get up and be competent by 8:30. Here’s hoping…

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