Father’s Day Solstice

We both woke up feeling bad this morning, down to something we ate or drank yesterday. So rather than go for a drive and a long hike, my wife retired to bed after I was presented with father’s day gifts (a shirt, a book, a haircut and some cashews) and I dragged the children out for their weekly hot dog.
I felt better by midday; my wife recovered after a nap and spent the afternoon baking, while the girls and I finished their 122 step Lego project.

This evening, after driving around Seattle for ages, I ended up with a dirty great big burger with bacon on it for my meat of the month, and then we all went next door to our friends’ place to celebrate the solstice by drinking and eating some more.

The girls came with us and stayed up until 11, which made for a couple of meltdowns on the way to bed, though they both fell asleep very quickly. I sat on the sofa, savouring normality, before remembering tomorrow is a workday and I need to be up in 7 hours.

And so, onward…

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