Feel the heat

I had calls from 8 this morning, so I rushed to the office for them. As I sat on my exercise ball, headset om, trying to make out what the other people on the video conference were saying, I noticed I was getting hotter and hotter. Was I stressed? Had I walked too fast to the office? Why were my trousers sticking to my legs? Why was it so hot?

The air conditioning was off. That was why.

The irony is that back home, with no air conditioning, I’d still be cooler because I could open a window, whereas in the office we’re trapped in a hermetically sealed pressure cooker. I thought about walking home to cool down. Then the geniuses with the portable air conditioning arrived.

I saw them, and the words “what is this bullshit?” had hardly crossed my lips as they plugged in the air conditioning units and turned them on. Thirty feet from the front door of the office. With the exhaust pipes of the air conditioners being only six feet long, we were about to enter the world of GCSE physics problems.

It’s like what happens if you have a fridge with its door open in a sealed room. There might be cold air coming out one end, but that’s more than set off by the hot air coming out the other end and all the energy spent moving the air around. I hadn’t seen anyone fail to understand the laws of thermodynamics since I went to a insurance broker back in 2005, where they had an air conditioning unit in a basement room with no windows, the door shut and a hose splashing hot air down everyone’s backs while they wondered why it was so hot. They had the air con on full blast then, too.

Stood right in front of the air conditioner it was pleasantly cool, but everywhere else in the office was idiotically hot. When you have to go and stand outside in Singapore to cool down, something is wrong.

On the positive side, I guess I’ve probably sweat out a kilo or two today. It’s a chill wind that gathers no moss, or however the saying goes.

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