Final day of school

It was the last day of term at La Serpiente’s school, so she unicycled up there to see her teachers, while Destroyer followed on her bicycle. Both are getting alarmingly proficient on wheeled devices; it took me at least a decade more to get where Destroyer is today.
Then they nagged me into buying them ice cream and we spent the afternoon in the park, or playing in our back yard. Washington state has declared we’re now in phase 2 of the lockdown, which means you can get your hair cut and restaurants can be 50% open. I’m still unconvinced I want to eat out at a restaurant if there have to be restrictions like that : give it until it’s 100% safe to not need to order take out.

The children slept well tonight. I’m exhausted, or else having drunk a pint of cider and a pint of wine, I’m ready for bed one way or another. Onwards, to the great adventure of the weekend!

3 responses to “Final day of school”

  1. That’s amazing, both la S & D becoming so proficient so quickly. Can hardly believe la Serpiente has finished her 1st year. What about Destroyer ?

  2. Out of the kids’ friends the girls seemed to learn to balance on bikes easier and earlier than the boys. Although at work hardly any women cycle and lots of men do.

  3. Now I’ve done my infection control training, I’m not going to be eating in a restaurant for a while. Supermarket and short train journey (if not too crowded) I am perfectly happy with, restaurant you are there for longer and so many surfaces for transmission to possibly occur.

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