Financial mental problems

Last night I got home, totally mentally inadequate for the tasks ahead of me, and then blundered my way to midnight before going to sleep. La Serpiente had taken my place in my bed so I slept on her bunk bed instead, which was fortunate because at some point in the night Destroyer woke up with a nightmare and I needed to console her. This morning, therefore, was bad
I put this down at least in part to having two coffees yesterday, but I had only one today and returned home in just as much of a state. Almost passing out on the floor of the girls’ bedroom when I was meant to be reading their bedtime stories, and worse, today I had to struggle with not only an economics exam but also trying to pay my mortgage.

We don’t have financial problems. Or rather, we have the money to pay the mortgage but I just find the whole process so confusing and unnecessarily complicated. In the US you get paid twice a month but the mortgage payment comes out once a month, which seems designed to make it hard to plan. And I have to mail a cheque to somebody instead of conduct an electronic transfer. And… And I don’t know how to write a cheque after so many years (the last time would have been, at the latest, in 2012 when we were in Hong Kong).

And on, and on, and on. At least we’re tired enough we’ve gone to bed before midnight tonight Onwards to the dawn.

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  1. I still like writing cheques ! Here’s a five point cheque list ! Date, payee, amount in figures, amount in words and finally signature. That’s the difficult one, who ever actually writes their full signature these days !!!

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