Finding things

I located my headphones this morning, just as I’d given up hope. They were inside my hat.

Sadly, not the hat I’d lost, but ar least that’s one less missing possession.

My parents are in town, so while I worked today they went to Ballard Locks with Destroyer to look at the salmon and watch ships go by. In the evening it was a Halloween festival at the school. This was an excuse for everyone in the neighbourhood to dress up in costumes (mostly superheroes or animals rather than spooky things, because American Halloween is strange) and then play various games.

I played "queue for hotdogs" for half an hour then took the girls to get their faces painted. There were lots of things for the kids to do, including a cake walk (which is like musical chairs, but with a cake as a prize) as well as Chicken Catapult, throwing darts at things, throwing balls into milk churns, and eating popcorn. We’ll, basically everything kids enjoy is throwing things or eating things, so the kids were pretty happy, and I didn’t mind walking around dressed up as a doughnut.

I’m also not sure why I was a doughnut, but it made the girls laugh. We left just before nine and both kids were asleep in seconds when I got them to bed. I was asleep too, only waking up at ten pm, ready to go back to bed again. So that was quite the Friday night.

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