I borrowed a neighbour’s car and drove to the climbing wall today, and did 45 minutes of climbing, before the skin split on my left little and right index fingers. These were catastrophic wounds like the gouge from two weeks ago or the big blister on my right little finger; just splits in the skin that made it clear that I’d done enough for the day.
Dangling from my chin up bar and doing pull ups is paying dividends; there were certainly more I could do today, and I felt quite a bit more confident. My footwork is still not where I want it to be – too clumsy and not gentle or precise enough – but every week means more progress. If I could manage to find my way to going twice a week (perhaps when I have the kids asleep) I’d do even better. Or eventually get bored, as the routes don’t seem to have been reset much in the last month.

To help my hands, I’ve been trying to remember to slaver them with cannabis-impregnated balm before and after climbing. The stuff isn’t meant to get you high, but some of the oils in the gunk are apparently good for your hands, and if not, the placebo effect seems to be working fine.

On the other hand, I forgot my jacket and had to drive back to pick it up when I’d almost got home, so maybe there’s some effect.

After rain in the morning, the sun came out and we were back to a warm September weekend. Strange to think that a year ago we were up Crystal Mountain and pelting our children with snow.

I ate biscuits, read with the girls and tried not to stare too much at screens today. The week rushes around far too quickly, and now it’s time to panic about school once again. And on we go…

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