Finish strong

Destroyer woke me up at 6:50, wanting a hug. La Serpiente was already in bed with me, and refusing to get up, so that was yet another day starting the same way. Except now it’s October, so we’re 75% of the way through the year, and it was cold and foggy first thing.
I did some work for a different team yesterday (filling in for somebody) and I thought what I did was very basic, but it still got plaudits for being insightful, which is nice to hear, but confusing. Or maybe my standards are just totally miscalibrated. I chugged through quite a bit of work today, did my 12 pull ups, and finished work on time, so all in all a good day.

And then to celebrate I ate a packet of crisps, half a packet of biscuits, some chocolate and a beer, so I don’t feel I ended very strongly.

We had an Amazon delivery this evening. It included booze, so they needed to see my ID, a farcical arrangement where you proffer your driving license and can’t figure out if you should wear your mask or not. And then the evening, passed out in front of the TV, when I really should concentrate on painting up some of my Blood Bowl teams…

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