First day again

I had my first proper day at work today, which was fun, apart from when fatigue set in about 4pm and I lost all joy in life and ability to see straight. Still, before that I was talking in complete sentences, asking reasonable questions, and generally justifying the company’s decision to transport me several thousand miles to start my new role.

After work, I walked most of a mile to go to a cinema. This was to watch Avengers: Endgame and I regretted walking so far in a pair of dress shoes, because my feet began to swell and that’s uncomfortable when you have a 3 hour film to watch.

And what a 3 hour film it was. Well, it was certainly three hours long, and of that, six hours felt like needless fsn service, so you can tell I wasn’t thrilled. Went home, had two beers talking to the guy who owns the Airbnb, went to bed.

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