First view of fireflies

A nice warming fire
Tonight we stayed at a house by a lake near Wolfville. Wolfville is in the middle of nowhere in Nova Scotia, which in effect makes it in the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere, and the lake is in the middle of that.

That makes it incredibly dark, which made it possible for me to see fireflies for the first time in my life. Somebody mentioned they were swarming up the driveway from the house, and I took Young Cheddar to take a look.

At first I saw nothing at all, and then I thought I could see the lights of a car passing through the trees, and then I realized the pixel-sized winking white lights in the undergrowth were fireflies, sparkling in the night. We stood there for a few minutes watching, before I went to fetch La Serpiente and my wife.

La Serpiente didn’t want to venture into the darkness, but after a time she relented and I think she enjoyed looking at the fireflies, although at her tender age that may not seem anything special – how do you distinguish rare events from quotidian ones, when you have only 1,102 days to compare against for normality?

Later we went out to look for fireworks, but they weren’t happening because of the province wide ban on open fires (there’s been a bit of a dry spell) so instead we walked our kids back and put them to bed, before we had the enjoyable experience of balancing a bulldog on our laps to keep warm.

It’s been a good day. I learned by renting a Buick Verona that a full-size car will accommodate exactly three suitcases (plus kids and paraphernalia), and that there’s no pleasure like driving in a car for am hour and then playing Need For Speed for two hours, and also that when cold and tired, Young Cheddar gets tearful, unless you put her in a boat and set off at full chat across the lake. Which is unhelpful knowledge for citydwellers like us. I guess we’ll have to relocate.

Enjoying things much more than Young Cheddar possibly could

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