Fishy time

The girls went to the aquarium today and met two octopuses and a fish with one eye. Or should that be two octopi and a fish with one us? No, I guess not.
I was at the office so had no fishy escapades of any note. We did have a fire drill, and to compensate everyone for having to practice leaving their desks and not burning to death, everyone got cookies. This was good, except it meant I turned up late to a meeting with a snack in one hand and a coffee in the other – hardly the most professional appearance.

But in other news, I finally located, amongst all the building sites of downtown Seattle, the bus stop to get home in the evenings, so finally I can rely on public transport instead of a succession of vague and confused Lyft and Uber drivers to get me home after work. This is a really big deal, one I can’t overstate

I got home, devoid of intelligence, put the kids to bed and then was too exhausted to even make conversation with my parents, and I feel rather bad about that, because they didn’t fly halfway round the world for me to just sit there gawping at them. Still, the weekend is coming, a time for excitement and fun

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