Fixing things

I had a shave this morning and managed to get the plug jammed in the sink, so then I had a sink full of soapy water and hair, and no idea what to do next. The plug is one of those ones where you pull a rod up behind the taps and the plug goes down. You push the rod back down and … nothing happens.
After trying to pry up the plug with a knife, I gave in and looked at videos on YouTube, finding a woman and her young son showing how to disassemble the piping under the sink and get the plug out. Unfortunately, as I don’t have a pipe wrench and some parts of the piping were screwed on damnably tight, I gave up, and then realised that by fiddling with the lever attached to the rod that’s meant to raise the plug, I could get it slightly open. And then my wonderful prise-it-out-with-a-butter-knife plan could go into effect.

The plug itself is revolting, caked in black slime, so I don’t think I’ll be putting that back in again.

As it’s Sunday, it’s biscuit day, so I rode down to Biscuit & Bean, picked up three plain biscuits and rode back, and after that I was just exhausted for the entire day and couldn’t do anything. Apart from make masks for teddy bears at my children’s behest, and read another book about Space Marines. Sunday is always the best day.

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