Flights, cookies, bedtime

This evening we booked flights back to Nova Scotia for my wife and daughters, their first visit back to Canada since 2019. I’ll be staying at home in Seattle and working, and on past experience that will be a somewhat gloomy month, moping alone in the house with nothing to do. Well, I suppose I’ll play a lot of Blood Bowl online …
Today started with Destroyer screaming at me because I told her she couldn’t have a lunch made up entirely of Oreos, and ended with Destroyer screaming because it was her sister’s turn to have me put her to bed. So it felt like a hard day, and maybe exaggeratedly so. Still feeling tired from the weekend’s exertions, and rushing about trying to get electrical work done mean I’ve found it hard to relax. But eh, I should have more patience with them.

They fell asleep fast once the screaming stopped, and then I could slump in front of the TV when I should have been writing up the results of the weekend’s tournament. I’m hoping I get a bit of spare time tomorrow to write that up, post some pictures, and congratulate everyone again. And so to bed …

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