Flights to the unknown

This morning I booked flights to Orlando for me and La Serpiente, and a hotel, and tried (and failed) to book flights for my wife and Destroyer as well. Delta’s website coughed up a big furball and I retreated from it, until I discovered it had charged my card twice and not booked anything, and I had to go chase up customer services. Skint as we are, the flights were $24 after I’d utilized points, and the hotel didn’t need to be paid for until November, giving me time to save up for it. Flights for the other two would still be close to a thousand, but I was eying up ways to do that on the cheap.
I was booking all of this so that I could go play Blood Bowl at the Chaos Cup, and my wife and the girls could go to Disney. And then I looked at the prices for Disney, and almost threw up in my mouth. For the three of them, $450.

For a single day. And then you couldn’t expect them to traipse around the Magic Kingdom without something to eat or drink, and my vision was graying out, faced with an ever increasing expense when all I wanted was a weekend away to play with toy soldiers.

Plus, it wouldn’t be for a day (what madman would attempt all of Disney in a single day?) but there’s no volume discount for two days over one, so again, a grand for two days? There’s a lot of things we could do with a thousand dollars. If we had a thousand dollars.

Then again, a lot of people do go to Disney, and they don’t all get paid as much as I do, and they make it work some how. What am I failing at?

So, with heavy heart, I canceled the flights (free to do within 24 hours of booking) and felt smart that at least this was a secret the girls didn’t know about yet, and then wondered whether I can justify going to Florida on my own, or if that’s a Blood Bowl trip too far … I have until November to make up my mind / seek some justification/ have a windfall and get the kids to Disney after all…

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