Foggy day

When I woke up this morning, the houses across the alleyway behind the house were invisible behind grey nothingness. My first thought was that it was fog, a strange thing to see on a summer’s day; my wife, being more pessimistic, figured it was smoke from forest fires. I’m glad that as we stepped out into light drizzle that it turned out I was right.

La Serpiente checked the dishwasher this morning, but as everything was dirty, didn’t have to empty it. Hopefully we’re starting to inculcate a habit there…

The sun cooked off the fog by mid morning and by the time I went to collect the girls from school, it was another roasty day. I slogged through a lot of handover meetings and chased a lot of people about a lot of things today, and felt I’d achieved at least something by the end of the day. What was that something? We’ll see …

In the evening, I went for a swim. I only managed eight laps tonight. Possibly I was put off when an elderly lady asked me if I was alright. Do I look that dreadful? I made up for it with 12 minutes in the sauna (just reopened now we’re not so worried about the pandemic) and then went home to fester on the sofa for a few hours.

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