ForeVR Bowl

Yesterday I went for a hike with the girls, and then had to run for a mile down a road to get the car before it rained, wearing an unsuitability heavy pair of boots. So today I crawled from my bed, legs and ankles sore, and did my best to avoid exercise all day.

With the exception of playing ForeVR Bowl, which allows you to go bowling without leaving your living room. And, if you don’t clear the space correctly, allows you to punch the TV, much to your children’s amusement.

I bought ForeVR Bowl back in July and played it once, in somebody else’s house, where there were just enough low tables for me to hit by accident while playing. Then we went camping and I left my VR headset behind, as it’s not rated for playing outdoors or in a tent. I suppose if I’d thrown everyone’s sleeping bags and clothes out of the tent, the space would have been just large enough to use an Oculus, but don’t risk it…

Anyway, bowling in VR is great fun. You get to go bowling under the sea, or on the moon, or in a hipster palace in Brooklyn, and fling balls that attract lightning bolts, or have a cactus inside, or the Horseshoe Nebula. It lacks the weight of a real ball, and I can’t figure out how to put spin on the ball yet, but perhaps I don’t care, because I bowled a hambone tonight (four consecutive strikes) and a few hours ago I didn’t even know that was a thing.

(The children watch me playing games in VR and either shout encouragement, or complaint. I’m not sure if I’m their hero or just a source of joy as something to force to bowl incessantly, or climb mountains, or shoot Space Marines. But it entertains them…)

I have 1,200 more bowling balls to collect. I also need all my friends to buy ForeVR Bowl so we can interact socially without being in the same place. It’s that, or I get them on the ping pong …

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