Halfway home tonight, I realized I’d forgotten to buy any groceries, which meant I was looking at Marmite sandwiches for dinner. So I rapidly changed direction and went to the supermarket, to buy various delicious things to cook.

Arriving home, I remembered that I’d left my keys on the desk at the office. And there I stood outside my front door, bereft of wife and child, feeling like I was missing a limb, and then having to carry all my shopping to the office and back, when I should have been at home eating it.

On the positive side, all this has meant I’ve got close to achieving my daily activity goal (at least according to my Fitbit, which makes encouraging flashes as I stride around Singapore with a huge bag full of onions and yogurt on my back.

(Hey, both of those are nutritious groceries. Perhaps not the best combination for breakfast, but it’s a start.)

I spent an unsatisfying hour moving money around today, after which I could see that we have an enormous credit card bill, principally because of our holiday this year, which is approaching the cost not only of a reasonably priced car in the UK, but an unreasonably priced car in Singapore. At least this means extra reward points, which I can spend on more flights to further increase the spend I have on travel this year.

My wife called me on Skype, to break me away from quotidian worries about money. This was good, as I got to see her and my daughter. I only wish they weren’t all those miles away, so they could let me in when I get home without my keys.

Hurry up, teleportation, and get invented now.

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  1. Misplacing keys is hereditary – just make sure you have an “extra” spare set to leave at the office and a way of persuading security to let you back in

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