Free rides and cheap things

This afternoon, after a short nap, I took the kids out on the back of my bike. Shortly afterwards, I swore never to do that again.
One child on the back of the Rad Wagon is no problem at all. Having both on it felt incredibly unstable and threatened to tip me over. Or perhaps it was having to ride up some of the hills of Seattle with so much extra weight on the back. Either way, now the girls can both ride their bikes, I foresee no more passengers on my bike in the future.

Also, I told them that when we cycle to get treats, only the girls who have ridden their own bikes will get them in the future. No free rides!

Today we had another contractor come to quote for our remodel. This one seemed less keen on choosing the most expensive thing possible; he pointed out that moving and reusing our kitchen worktop would cost about $600, vs $2,000 for a new one. So that’s one thing to pay less on. In about three weeks I’ll have a quotation for all the different things we need doing, and then I can start tearing my hair out. Every contractor tells us something new about something else. Next week the structural engineer comes to visit and possibly tells us something terrible about our foundations. Always more to discover!

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  1. The council specified that the extension on my house needed foundations as deep as the existing ones. When the builders dug down they couldn’t find foundations, so that saved me some money.

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