La Serpiente’s school photo was done via Zoom today; all the kids logged on, uploaded the same blue background, and a picture was taken. I wonder how that will turn out.
As a regular customer of the cafe on the way to the sea, I got two chocolate chip cookies for the price of one today. This covid lockdown is good for free biscuits. I made La Serpiente ride an extra mile today, because I figured she needed the exercise, and this was easy to do. I just took a slightly more circuitous route than usual. It’s worrying that two streets from home, near a familiar park, I could divert from the direct route home and tack on another mile without her realising, but I suppose at some point she must develop a sense of direction.

At least she goes to sleep. This was the second night that Destroyer took three hours to go to sleep. Because she sits on the back of my bike rather than ride her own, she doesn’t even get the exercise her sister does. I either need her on her sister’s bike, or doing something else to wear her out soon. Maybe that’s tomorrow’s lunchtime project ..

Other than that, a sluggish day as I returned to work after four days off. I did at least remember to shower and change into decent clothes, rather than transmute into a facsimile of a tranp.

Emboldened by this cleanliness, I even took our friends’ car to the car wash and cleaned it before I gave it back with a full tank of petrol. I didn’t realise how much I enjoy vacuuming dirt out of a car. Another reason to buy our own, perhaps?

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